Just a guy looking for his lost testosterone

The café was next to a gym just off Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Two middle-aged guys were having a cappuccino and discussing their training. But they weren’t talking about sets, reps and different workouts. They were having a conversation about new testosterone boosters.

I turned out they were far from alone having that conversation. During my stay in LA in January I encountered it several times. And on the Internet were reviews of new boosters and people discussing the possible positive and negative effects with this kind of supplements. There were also gossip about aging movie stars and business people taking testosterone boosters to stay fit, healthy and sexually active.


The interest in testosterone boosters is spurred by aging populations and heightened interest in preventative health. More and more people are looking for remedies to cure what ails them, and elixirs to help them stay healthy well into their twilight years. As I wrote in my earlier post: ”Health is not just a goal. It is both a lifestyle choice and a thriving consumer market.”

So I decided to test a booster myself. I choose to test Hexofire Labs Delta Prime. The supplement comes at a price of 99 dollars (around 900 SEK), plus shipment. It does not ship to Sweden. 

You get 60 capsules that you are supposed to take two, once a day, preferably after having a meal to get a better effect. 

Of course a test like this tend to be very subjective and also depending on how much you train and what you train. To make it more objective I started off with taking blood samples and weighed myself twice on a Tanita scale, a machine that monitors not only your weight but also your body fat, muscle mass, water percentage, BMR, metabolic age, bone mass, visceral fat, and it then ranks your fitness level. 

When I’ve finished off the capsules after a month, I will do the same testing again, to compare possible changes.

Mikael Mattsson, PhD Sport & Exercise Physiology, CEO Stockholm Exercise Analytics, is coaching me through this test.

“Jonas is a perfect test subject for the supplement test because he has already “maxed out” the suggested ways to naturally boost testosterone,” he says.

“It will be very interesting to compare both the body composition and the testosterone levels from the beginning and the end of this test, but if his zinc and vitamin D were normal at the beginning, I would be very surprised if the testosterone levels increased by the booster.”

While I test Delta Prime I will live and train as normal, in other words: four-five times a week, for around six hours a week, with no special diet, apart from trying to stay off sweets and soda and too much carbohydrates. 


So how is Delta Prime supposed to work? 

As we age and hit 30, our testosterone starts to drop. Testosterone boosters do not give the user actual testosterone (like with steroids), rather, they kickstart the production of this very powerful hormone.

As the on-line source Consumer Health Digest points out, there are many products, especially supplements, in the market which claim to rejuvenate or give energy and stamina to men experiencing this problem. Even in Sweden there is a wide variety of testosterone boosters on sale.

The common feature of these boosters is that they claim to improve energy levels in an individual and that you will find that you have added stamina to carry out your training. Some users claim that they sleep better. Others that it improves their general feeling of well-being and their sex life.

The manufacturer of Delta Prime is a US-based company called Hexofire Labs supplements. This company has a variety of health supplements which are widely sold all over the globe. They claim to carefully test their products to ensure that they are potent and that they do not have any adverse effects on the user. They also claim to have formulated this product using natural herbs to avoid the effects of chemical additives.

When this blog post is published, I’ve been using Delta Prime for ten days. I’m not detecting any measurable improvement in my training, but I do feel more alert and maybe even a little bit stronger when I swim. That might be the testosterone booster – but it might also be a guy looking for his lost testosterone experiencing a placebo effect;-)

Here are the ingredients used in the formulation of Delta Prime. The analysis of the substances is made by my friend Ann-Cathrine Engwall, PhD in molecular cell biology and expert in pharmaceuticals:

Zinc- is a mineral and the main sources for daily intake is in animal food as well as cereal and whole meal products. The mineral is a central part of many essential enzymes contributing to important processes in our bodies including hormone production, metabolism, immune response, bone and blood formations, hair growth and wound healing. 

 The highest concentration of Zinc in humans are found in prostate secretion where it is protecting the genetic material in the male sperm. Optimal zinc intake is important for testosterone levels, brain function and physical health in males. 

Vitamin D– Is a fat-soluble steroid and a vitamin. The most efficient way to increase the vitamin D level is to spend time out in the sun. Cholesterol in our skin is transformed into vitamin D when exposed to UV-light. Some food are also sources of the vitamin including fatty fish, egg yolks and cheese. 

The vitamin is regulating calcium levels in the skeleton and lack of vitamin D can result in more fragile bones. It binds to receptors present in most of our cells and can thereby affect the expression of a number of genes and increasing evidence suggests that it may protect against infections, cancer, diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease. 

Some claim that Vitamin D might increase the testosterone levels in men but there is no solid proof seen supporting this. 

Stinging Nettle– is an herb rich in minerals and vitamins including ion and vitamin C. The herb contains low levels of hormones that stimulate cell division and prevent cell aging processes in the plant. Stinging nettle has traditionally been used medically for anti-inflammatory purposes. It also contains histamine which cause the eczema when in contact with the skin and serotonin that affect our mood. 

The herb has a diuretic effect and claimed to block the testosterone metabolite causing baldness in males. 

Saw Palmetto– is a palm tree with berries containing plant steroids. The berries have been used in traditional medicine to reduce prostate problems. Plant steroids are thought to limit the growth of the prostate gland in humans without causing impotence. They are chemically very similar to cholesterol and could be beneficial to the cardiovascular system by lowering the blood fat levels. The saw palmetto berries might also have anti-inflammatory properties.

Epimedium – This ingredient is also known as Horny Goat Weed, Epidemium is an herb used in Chinese traditional medicine for treating erectile dysfunction, to promote wellness in general and to boost mental acuity. It contains the flavonoid Icariin that can work as an antioxidant and extract from the herb has anti-inflammatory effect. The herb is also suggested to have positive effect on depression as well as to prevent memory loss. The sexual function in males might be improved by relaxing smooth muscle and increase the blood flow however there is no substantial scientific proof for this effect so far.

Ann-Cathrine Engwall’s general conclusion about Delta Prime:

”My conclusion based on the content of the product is that there is no substantial proof that Hexofire Labs Delta Prime can induce testosterone production in males in general. 

However, the additives contain minerals and vitamins that can be beneficial for aging men especially if they have a poor or nonsufficient diet or prostate related problems. Zinc is for example an important part of many active enzymes that have essential roles in fundamental functional processes in our bodies and Vitamin D is a steroid that regulate gene expression in many types of cells. The latter has importance for calcium balance in our skeletons and affect the bone strength but there is increasing evidence that the vitamin play a role in insulin sensitivity of cells as well as for strengthen the immune system. 

The Stinging Nettle is rich in vitamins and minerals and has traditionally been used for anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Berries of saw palmetto have been used in traditional medicine for treating men with prostate problems to limit the growth of the gland and facilitating urination without affecting the libido. 

Epidemium is suggested to have positive effect on depression as well as to prevent memory loss. The sexual function in males might be improved by the substance, however there is no substantial scientific proof for this effect so far. 

My general view on expensive additives sold to males by luring them with arguments that they will increase their libido and male attractiveness is good business indeed. There might be beneficial effects of course, but in my view it is better and cheaper to control what and when you eat and keep your body in shape by exercising regular than to give hope to quick-fixes.”

Mikael Mattson’s additional comments:

“It’s absolutely clear that testosterone levels correlates to the ability to build muscles. However, within normal levels, low or high doesn’t matter for traits like aggresivity or sex drive. The normal range for men is remarkably large, from ~250 to ~1000 ng/dl, meaning that one man can have 400 % the levels of another man, but both are still within normal.

It is very unusual to (naturally) have either low or high values, but if you do you should seek medical advice. Hypogonadism, a medical condition characterized by low testosterone levels, can lead to sexual dysfunction and low fertility, decreased muscle mass and bone strength, and less energy. It’s true that your testosterone levels decrease with age, but the decrease is so slow that most men stay within normal range throughout their lifespan.

The question in this case is if there would be any benefit for a healthy middle aged man to take a testosterone booster supplement. To begin with, there are several proven ways to increase your testosterone levels, or rather get them back to normal, including getting enough sleep, no stress, exercise, eat healthy (incl. zinc and DHEA from e.g. fat fish), don’t be overweight, avoid drugs and alcohol, and get enough sunlight (for Vitamin D).”

Facts about me:


Age: 56

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 81-82 kg

Fat %: 17-18 %

Muscle Mass: 63-64 kg

Bone mass: 3,3–3,4 kg

BMI: just above 25 

Metabolic age: 41

Training: Swimming three times a week, running once or twice. Sit-ups and push-ups at home daily.

Thanks to Anders and Hart54 for providing me with data from the Tanita scale.

Forever young – the quest for longevity

The most common risk factor for serious disease is old age. Heart disease, cancer, stroke, neurological conditions, diabetes — all increase radically with advancing years. And the older a person is, the more likely he or she is to have multiple chronic illnesses.

Some scientists hope one day to treat all of them at once — by targeting aging itself.

Humans aren’t built to last forever. The oldest person on record was Jeanne Calment, a Frenchwoman, who died in 1997 at the age of 122. In 2040, the average life span for people in Spain, projected to pass Japan as the country with the longest-lived citizens, will reach about 86 years.

There is considerable dispute, however, over how long humans might live under optimal circumstances. In 2016, a team of scientists declared the upper limit to be 115 years. But in June, researchers reviewing death rates among elderly Italians suggested that there may be no limit at all, according to an article in New York Times.

Questions about age and health and how to live a healthier life longer has taken on a new significance as the number of older people has risen in the Western world.

The number of Americans ages 65 and older is projected to more than double from 46 million today to over 98 million by 2060, and the 65-and-older age group’s share of the total population will rise to nearly 24 percent from 15 percent.

Around 20 percent of the Swedish population is 65 years old or older. Around 2020 the number of 80-year-olds will see a substantial increase, especially people over 85. By 2050 the estimate is that the number of Swedes over 85 will be the double amount compared to today.

IMG_1613 2.jpeg

The number of Swedes who reach the age of 100 years or more has increased dramatically in just a few decades. Between 1968 and 2011the group increased 16 times in Sweden, from 105 to 1770 persons, according to the The Swedish Centenarian Survey (SCS).

The increase is prognosed to continue. According to a new study half of all Swedes born today will reach at least the age of 100. Other studies are more conservative, but the trend is clear: we live much longer than our grandparents.

So, the question among a large part of the older population is: how do you take care of yourself to live a long and healthy life? There’s even a special word for it, how to increase your longevity.

In his book Growing Young, the author Marcus L. Gitterle, a doctor with a strong personal interest in longevity, starts with giving some obvious advices: regular training, both cardiovascular training and training with weights, to make up for the muscles you lose when you age, a healthy diet (Gitterle recommends a version of paelo diet) and good sleep.

The take-home message in his book is that aging is not one single process. Instead, aging is a negative synergy involving several factors, each of which inexorably “winds down” over time. When synergy occurs, forces that might be more or less minimal in impact become much more serious. Synergies, by their nature, mean the whole or end result is  bigger than the sum of the parts. 

But even if aging is a negative synergy that is hard to target that’s definitely not stopping people from trying to slow down aging. Of course, that also means that there is now a flourishing market to cater to their needs and dreams. 

Spurred by aging populations and heightened interest in preventative health, sales of vitamins, minerals, and nutritional and herbal supplements have surged, both in the US and in Europe.

More and more people are looking for remedies to cure what ails them, and elixirs to help them stay healthy well into their twilight years. Health is not just a goal. It is both a lifestyle choice and a thriving consumer market.

For rich people there are ultra-expensive clinics designed for Hollywood stars and CEO’s. These anti-aging clinics often charge more than 5 000 dollars for an initial consultation, and more than 1 000 dollars per month for ongoing care. 

In the meantime, science is catching up on aging. In animal studies over the last few decades, scientists have begun to understand the specific cellular and molecular processes that cause the deteriorations of old age. In an essay in the journal JAMA, Tamara Tchkonia and Dr. James L. Kirkland of the Mayo Clinic categorized these processes into four broad groups: chronic inflammation; cell dysfunction; changes in stem cells that make them fail to regenerate tissue; and cellular senescence, the accumulation in tissue of aging cells that accompanies disease.


Could there be any remedy that removes these old cells while leaving young cells? Several are being tested, according to New York Times.

There are dozens of companies in clinical trials, or planning them, tackling all the different causes of aging,” says David A. Sinclair, a professor of genetics at Harvard, to the newspaper. 

“I’m optimistic that there will be a few successes in the coming years.” he adds.

Anti-Aging Medicine is still in its infancy, but it is already undergoing a revolution, writes Marcus L. Gitterle:

”Up to now, we have seen only “baby steps.” Therapies such as hormone replacement, while helpful, are not really “age reversing.”

Whereas the first generation of anti-aging therapies produced some impressive effects, they were superficial ones. Hormone replacement, in a sense, is a way of treating one of the symptoms of aging: hormonal decline. Replacing hormones makes our systems grossly behave as if younger, but our cells - our very building blocks - don’t get any younger. It’s like asking our cells to dance faster. They may look a bit younger from a distance, but up close, biologically speaking, they are the same tired, old cells.”

So, the race is on. There are people and companies out there offering miracle cures that promise us longer, healthier lives.

In the next article I’m going to perform a test on myself with a new training supplement that has become popular and made headlines in the US. 

It’s a testosterone booster which, according to the manufacturer, helps you to lose weight and gain muscles, while at the same time making you feel more alert and sexually active – the middle aged and older man’s dream come true.

Bastuhelg på Nämdö


Vintern är snart över, men än är det inte för sent att vårvinterbada. För alla entusiaster som gillar kalla bad bjuder vi nu in till en vårvinterbadsfestival i skärgården 13-14 april.

Det blir god mat, allsång, isvakspoesi och – naturligtvis – bastubad i en fin bastu i Långvik.

I bastun får vi äta oss mer om bastukultur av Nina Nu Wesemeyer, skapare av begreppet kulturbastu, folksångerska, hälsocoach, jordnära badschaman och hedersmedlem i Svenska bastuakademie


Vi kommer också att besöka Östanviks ekologiska jordbruk, vandra i skogen, besöka Skärgårdsmuséet samt umgås och ha trevligt.

Solvik är fortfarande under uppbyggnad, standarden på boendet är enkelt. Däremot kan vi erbjuda en vacker miljö och bra stämning.


Frågor och intresseanmälan görs till jonas@grasrotter.se.

Betalning via Swish till 0708-866 844 (ange namn, mail och telefonnummer).

Pris: 1 600 kronor. Inkluderar lunch, bastusnacks, middag, logi, frukost, underhållning och städning.

Ta med egna sängkläder eller låna för 125 kronor.

Senaste anmälningsdatum 8 april. Vi behöver vara minst 12 betalande gäster.



Avresa från Slussen 08.46 med buss 433/434. Färja från Stavsnäs Vinterhamn 09.40. Ankomst Solvik 10.45

11.00 Lunch och visning av Solvik. Packa matsäck för vandringen.


12.30 Vandring till det ekologiska jordbruket Östanviks gård.

13.30 Visning av gården.


15.00-18.00 Bastubad med bastupoesi i Långvik. 

19.00 Middag i Solvik, sedan en öl eller alkoholfritt alternativ lagom till solnedgången.

Övernattning i enkel logi.


Fritt morgonbad utan bastu för alla som vill.

08.30 Frukost

09.30-11.30 Besök på Skärgårdsmuséet i Sand. Därefter fri tid.


Hemresa med färja 12.50. Ankomst Stavsnäs 14.00, Ankomst Slussen 15.10.

Tillbaka på leden

Framme vid Northern Terminus 7 september 2018, efter exakt fem månader och 2650 miles.

Framme vid Northern Terminus 7 september 2018, efter exakt fem månader och 2650 miles.

Efter fem månader på Pacific Crest Trail är jag tillbaka i Sverige och börjar jobba med vandringar och friluftsliv igen. PCT var ett fantastiskt äventyr och gav både inspiration och styrka. En sak som jag lärde mig är: “the trail will provide”; att det löser sig om man bara fortsätter framåt.

Första halvåret med Gräsrotsvandringar var inte särskilt framgångsrikt för mig, Åsa och Mikael. Min vandring kom naturligtvis extremt olägligt, men den typen av äventyr kommer alltid vid “fel” tidpunkt, så det är bara att bita ihop och komma igen.

Det som har förändrats sedan början av året är att Åsa inte längre jobbar aktivt med oss. Mikael guidar fortfarande mycket runt om i världen. Jag arbetar deltid i Solvik på Nämdö i Stockholms skärgård. Där ska jag försöka bygga upp friluftsverksamhet; vandringar, paddling, simning, swimhikes, naturfotografering, fågelskådning, skridskor (om isen lägger sig).

Mikael har flera nya spännande vandringar på gång och de kommer snart att finnas på vår hemsida.


So here's the gear list for PCT....

Skärmavbild 2018-03-16 kl. 22.29.21.png

I'm not up there with the lightest on the trail (see full list). On the other hand I can easily shed some weight, if necessary.

Some luxury items for a long trip have been added, like the Exped Synmat UL 7, heavier than the Thermarest Neoair that most people will carry. But judging from my son Simon's experiences last year om the PCT, the extra weight is worth it: he slept like a king on the Exped, while constantly waking up and having the trouble to inflate the Neoair in the middle of the night (it has a tendency to lose some air).

Also, I have base camp clothing, a treat most people om the trail do without.

Most people will choose a Big Agnes Copper Spur 1 or 2 UL. It's more or less a default tent on the PCT. I've chosen a Tarptent Rainbow; a little lighter, lots of space inside, and more privacy. 

I will also carry a ground sheet, a thing I noticed you need in the desert last year. The sand and the rocks will tear hard on the floor of your tent otherwise.

Also the sleeping bag liner is a luxury, to keep the sleeping bag clean, and add some extra warmth, if needed. The smell from some of the sleeping bags on the trail last year was awful...

Music is important to me, so I will bring a pair of good headphones. Politics is also part of my everyday life, so I will carry an Anker battery pack 15 000 mAH.

Last time i hiked the desert I laughed at the silly Dirty Girls gaiters. No more. After a 28 mile day in the desert the spores and nuggets of sand gave me two large aching blisters just under my ankles.

Succé för Christine Thürmer


Christine Thürmer, som håller en exklusiv walkshop på Lassäter gård 6 maj i år, gör just nu succé med sin nya bok "Wandern. Radeln. Paddeln." (Vandra. Cykla. Paddla). 

Direkt efter publiceringen har boken gått upp på elfte plats på den tyska försäljningslistan. 

Just nu reser Christine Thürmer runt till det tyska friluftsvaruhuset Globetrotters butiker och föreläser om boken och sina vandringar. Hon besöker också flera stora tyska bokhandlare och deltar i två litteraturfestivaler. 

De tre vanligaste frågorna hon får är:

Är du inte rädd att vandra ensam som kvinna?

Hur mycket kostar det att genomföra dina vandringar?

Hur finansierar du dem?

”Jag kommer att besvara alla de här frågorna på min walkshop,” säger Christine Thürmer.

Till skillnad från de tyska föreläsningarna inför 150 personer, blir framträdandet på Lassäter mindre och mer informellt. Christine Thürmer samtalar med deltagarna, berättar om sina bästa idéer och visar sin utrustning.

Boka här.

Hon har vandrat längst i världen


Christine Thürmer var under många år en ansvarsfull, hårt arbetande tysk medborgare och framgångsrik karriärkvinna.

Vid 36 års ålder fick hon sparken och tog sig iväg på sin första långvandring, Pacific Crest Trail i USA. Vid 40 års ålder gav hon helt upp yrkeslivet och gjorde vandring till sin livsstil.

Sedan dess har Christine Thürmer vandrat 40 000 kilometer, cyklat 30 000 kilometer och paddlat 6 500 kilometer. Hon har vandrat de tre långa vandringslederna i USA, Pacific Crest Trail, Continental Divide Trail och Appalachian Trail, liksom många långa vandringsleder i Europa.

Hon har även rest mycket i Sverige där hon vandrat längs Sörmlandsleden, cyklat i hela landet och paddlat från kust till kust.

I år kommer Christine Thürmer att vandra från Göteborg till Nordkap och därmed ha korsat Europa från nord till syd, från kontinentens sydligaste punkt – Tarifa i södra Spanien – till dess nordligaste. Hon har redan korsat Europa från öst till väst, nämligen från Santiago de Compostela i Spanien till Svartahavskusten i Bulgarien.


Under vårt seminarium om långvandringar kommer Christine Thürmer inte bara att berätta för oss om sin långa friluftskarriär och sina olika resor, men även att ge oss  inblick i vardagslivet på vandringsleden samt praktiska råd för vandrare – oavsett om du själv planerar en långvandring eller bara är nyfiken.

Detta är inte en ensidig föreläsning, utan ett seminarium där varje deltagare kan ställa frågor och få konkreta svar. Exempel på ämnen som kommer att avhandlas:

  • Demonstration av ultralätt utrustning: Christine kommer att visa den utrustning hon använder under sin 3 000 km långa vandring till Nordkap, förklara vad allting är och varför hon valt just den prylen. Deltagarna kan ta med sig egen utrustning för att få en utvärdering eller förslag på vad man kan göra för att göra packningen lättare.
  • Färdigheter: Christine delar med sig av friluftskunnande inom till exempel smygcamping, mat på vandringen, hygien, o.s.v. och besvarar deltagarnas frågor.
  • Filosofi: Christine förklarar vilken attityd du behöver för att ta dig igenom en lång vandring från start till slut – och berättar om hur en lång vandring förändrar dina värderingar och förväntningar.

För att varje deltagare ska få möjlighet att ställa frågor begränsas antalet till 30.

När:  Den 6 maj kl. 10:00–15:00
Var: Lasätter gård utanför Nyköping.
Pris: 475 kr, inklusive morgonkaffe, lunch och eftermiddagsfika
Anmälan och betalning ska göras senast den 29 april till info@lasatter.se 
Anmälan är bindande, utebliven ankomst debiteras. OBS! Ange ert namn, adress och mobilnummer vid anmälan.
Swisch Lasätter gård AB 123 115 83 02 alternativt
Bankkonto Swedbank 8327-9 934 458 565-9 Lasätter gård AB
OBS! Ange ert namn + walkshop vid betalning för båda betalningssätten.

Mer om Christine Thürmer:

2016 publicerade hon en bok om sina vandringar i USA – hon har vandrat från Mexico till Kanada tre gånger. Hennes bok ”Vandra. Äta. Sova.” blev omedelbart en bästsäljare i Tyskland och har sålts i över 60 000 exemplar i Europa. Den låg på den tyska bästsäljarlistan i över nio månader och har vunnit ett välkänt pris inom reselitteratur. Hittills har den översatts till koreanska och ryska.

Hon har nu skrivit en andra bok, ”Vandra. Cykla. Paddla.”, om sina äventyr i Europa och håller för närvarande på med en turné genom Tyskland och Schweiz. Hennes föreläsningar säljer vanligtvis slut långt i förväg. Det är inte så konstigt: hon har varit gäst i varenda stor talkshow på TV i Tyskland, och varenda större tysk dagstidning och varenda större tyskt magasin har publicerat en artikel om eller intervju med henne.

Hon driver också en blogg på engelska och har en stor skara följare på Facebook.

Mer om organisatörerna

Seminariet är ett samarbete mellan Gräsrotsvandringar, en vandringscommunity som organiserar vandringar i Sverige och hela världen, och Lasätter gård, ett vandrarhem i som ligger där Sörmlandsleden börjar.

Läs mer om Lasätter gård.

Mer om Grassroot Hikes.

Mer om eventet

Hur man tar sig dit: 

Med bil: E20/E4, sväng av vid avfart 131 mot Enstaberg/Bergshammar (kör 1,5 km), fortsätt mot Bergshammar Nickebo (4,3 km), ta till vänster på Tunavägen (5,2 km), ta till höger efter 950 meter.

Med tåg: ta tåget till Nyköping (från Stockholm 06:50, ankomst 09:20). Meddela oss i förväg så kommer vi och hämtar upp dig!

Med buss: Swebus från Cityterminalen i Stockholm mot Kalmar. Ankommer Nyköping på söndag 09:35. Meddela oss i förväg så kommer vi och hämtar upp dig!

Vi har ett särskilt helgpris för den som vill komma tidigare och pröva på att vandra längs Sörmlandsleden eller bara är sugen att hänga litet på gården.

För de som önskar komma en dag tidigare så gäller följande pris:

Boende i dubbelrum inkl. frukost 1 200 kr/rum. (nybyggda rum i ridhuset)
Boende i dubbelrum i Torpet inkl. frukost (dusch i annan byggnad) 950 kr/rum
Boende i Gästladan i privata sovalkover inkl. frukost 450 kr/person.
Tillgång till bastu. 

2-rätters middag för lördag kväll kan beställas för 250 kr/person.

Husbilsparkering/camping med tält 150 kr/person.
Tillgång till dusch, toalett och kök för matmatlagning ingår i priset.
Frukost 65kr/person. 

Bokning/frågor: info@lasatter.se alt. mobil 070-725 30 80, 
Monika Crafoord